Models Available


Entertainer Model 28′ – $37,500 USD
Entertainer Model 24′ – $35,000 USD

We love having people for dinner, guests to spend life with – cooking is a core value of what we do. This model is built to have guests – This is the model we initially built to spend our lives in. We have had 12 people in the house for dinner and 15 people (don’t tell the fire department) for dessert and chatting. Eight were active kids, climbing and playing.

Model 28 Entertainer Product Guide Final


Explorer Model 28′ – $37,500 USD
Explorer Model 24′ – $35,000 USD
Explorer Model 18′ – $32,000 USD

Built on a smaller frame, with a more versatile chassis.  This is designed to go where most trailers can’t – and to give you a great space to live in. Also has spaces for all of those things we love; Backpacking – Kayaking – Fishing – etc. (optional: outdoor shower)


Existentialist Model 28′ – $38,000 USD
Existentialist Model 24′ – $35,500 USD

Built for a couple or individual – Pondering spaces – view spaces – reading spaces – Crazy Cat Space etc. But, Damn it Jim we can ponder the universe. (optional: yes, you can buy a sky light)

Model 28 Existentialist Product Guide Final


Entrepreneur Model 28′– $37,500 USD
Entrepreneur Model 24′– $35,000 USD

It has a desk – yes, a desk – you need one – for a computer – what do you mean that doesn’t pencil? Yes, a student works in this one.

Model 28 Entrepreneur Product Guide Final

Modified Tiny House Model- $39,999 USD base

(Taxes and License are NOT included)