Who We Are

Welcome to Tiny House Tool, we are Forrest & Kathrina Jones. We are proud parents to 3 wonderful children. Through  our belief in ourselves, and the desire to create a life and a business – Tiny House Tool- that exists for the purpose of helping us attain freedom through frugal living, tiny house dwelling, and smart decision making.
In the process of life we have all experienced successes and failures. Our failures have brought us to the understanding that the lives we all live has lead us to bondage to the banks and other loans. We all struggle to pay interest and meet the debt payments every month. The bible records that the borrower is servant to the lender. How do we break that bondage?
We decided that the tiny house was a way to do that. Not that initially you are totally free of those bondages, but the time and the amount you pay to own and live in a tiny house have the ability to be so much smaller than a larger home. As a result we set out to bring the concept of the production built home to the Tiny House world. Most available tiny houses start well over 50,000 and go to 100k or more.
How about a base model that you can live in with a family of 5 for just about $30,000?
Yes, a workman is worth of his wage, yes we make a profit, but the goal is to create an ability for people to find freedom from the many areas that create bondage in debt.